James Bridle

Intelligence Beyond the Human_by James Bridle about his new book Ways of Being

Wednesday 30 November, 2:30 pm

Open lecture with Q&A streamed from F0.03, unibz, Bolzano–Bozen

Online open lecture including a presentation from the author of Ways of Being, a book about AI, non-human intelligence, ecology, biological computing, more-than-human relations, published by Penguin Books in the UK in April 2022. The lecture expands on the projects annual theme “Staying with the trouble” with which the new book by Bridle shares a similar cultural background. The lecture will be followed by a Q&A session. 

James Bridle writing covers investigative journalism, editorial, criticism and theory. His work has been published in the Guardian, Wired, Domus, Cabinet, the Atlantic, the New Statesman, the New York Times, the Observer and many others while his work as a visual artist covers online projects, film, installations and interventions in public space, with a focus on the social and political effects of technology. In Ways of Being, writer and artist James Bridle considers the fascinating, uncanny and multiple ways of existing on earth. What can we learn from these other forms of intelligence and personhood, and how can we change our societies to live more equitably with one another and the non-human world? From Greek oracles to octopuses, forests to satellites, Bridle tells a radical new story about ecology, technology and intelligence. We must, they argue, expand our definition of these terms to build a meaningful and free relationship with the non-human, one based on solidarity and cognitive diversity.

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