CARE BEYOND CRISES ∙ By Design or by Disaster Conference 2020


17–19 December 2020 – online and convivial

with Niels Hendriks (Dementia lab), Amy Franceschini (Future Farmers), Bianca Elzenbaumer (Alpine Community Economies Lab / Brave New Alps) Andrea Vetter (Laboratory for new economic ideas), Andreas Unteidig (MA Transformationdesign, HbK Brunswickshig), Elke Krasny (exhibition & book: ‘Critical Care – Architecture and Urbanism for a Broken Planet’) and many more.

Coping with crises through care. Care as a way leading beyond crises. As both, coping practices and transformation approach… With this focus, we are preparing our annual conference of the MA Eco-Social Design By Design or by Disaster 2020, actually for the third time. We had to cancel the two conferences in April and in October after having prepared them. We don’t give up, but do another online „social un-distancing-experience“ building upon our first Beyond Crisis Conference, which took place during the first lockdown in April. 
Online conferences can be tiring. Therefore, we want to make it a lively exchange and dance of diverse actors and matters of concern – inspiring inputs, meaningful dialogues and playful collaborations for all senses. We want to build up on your needs and ideas – our participants, speakers, workshoppers and session jammers. Therefore, we open a lightweight and quick call (extended to 7 December) for short 7-minute Talks and Presentations, Collaborative Workshops (1,5-2h) and Sessions for all Senses (free format with music, performance, dialogue, and all kinds of body-mind experiences). The selected submissions will become part of the proceedings. Please use this form to submit your proposals, or enter your ideas, needs and expectations as a participant while registering here. Based on all this we will form clusters of short inputs combined, dialogical formats, workshops and sessions for all sense around emerging sub-topics such as mutual care practices and networks, care-enabling structures, transformation by care, care for food- & agri-cultures, care for commons, care in community economies, care and activism, care for climate justice, care for more-than-humans, …

“On the most general level, we suggest that caring be viewed as a species activity that includes everything that we do to maintain, continue, and repair our ‘world’ so that we can live in it as well as possible. That world includes our bodies, our selves, and our environment, all of which we seek to interweave in a complex, life-sustaining web.”

Bernice Fisher & Joan C. Tronto

Thursday, 17 Dec, 17:00–19:30 +

Welcome & Introduction

3-4 Short Keynotes by Niels Hendriks (Dementia lab), Amy Franceschini (Future Farmers), Bianca Elzenbaumer (Alpine Community Economies Lab / Brave New Alps) + 15 min. Q&A (based on clustered questions)

Dialog or Dance in Breakout Rooms

7 x 7 Short Talks and Presentations (coming through the call)

+ Aperitivo, Music, Eco-Social Dance

Friday, 18 Dec, 17:00–19:00 

Connecting the Dots between the inputs of day 1 by Alvise Mattozzi drawing back on wonderful visual recording

Collaborative Workshops* (parallel; 1-2h; by the keynote speakers, by submitters to call and by students and alumni of the MA Eco-Social Design)

Saturday, 19 Dec


Sessions for all Senses (free format with music, performance, dialogue, and all kinds of body-mind experiences)


Outcomes of the Workshops (based on a shared simple template)

Connecting the Dots among all workshops

And Now?

+ Aperitivo, Music, Eco-Social Dance


Register / Submit Proposal

Here you can register as a participant, and there you can submit a proposal for 7-minute talks, for workshops and sessions for all senses until 30 November > extended to 7 December.


Stay tuned …

… on activities around By Design or by Disaster and the MA Eco-Social Design, you can subscribe to our newsletter (ca. 4-6 per year / latest edition). For more frequent signals follow us on FB page, or the slightly sleepy


* Workshop preview

By the keynote speakers, the submitters to the call and …

Care and Activism > SolidariTree

Caring neighborhoods > Lea Luzzi & OfficineVispa

Regional development as care > Armin Bernhard (Obervinschgau/Mals) & Carolin Holtkamp (Uni Innsbruck): Der Malser Weg

Caring Food- & Agri-Cultures > alumni, students and teachers researchers of the MA Eco-Social Design: Terre Future Alpine (Lisa Zellner & Federico Bertacchini), lokall (Marla Nichele & Angelica Cianflone), Wrapping the Future (Camilla Carioli), Muu-baa (Alastair Fuad-Luke & team), Farmfluencers (Meike Hollnaicher), Forno Vagabondo (Flora Mammana / MA Transformation Design), …


  1. marco terranova says:

    Dear friends, some questions for the workshops:
    . which on line platform are you going to use?
    . english?
    . there will be a registration of the selected workshops?

    1. Kris Krois says: Author

      Dear Marco,
      we will use zoom and for visual facilitation miro. The language of most workshops will be english. Eventually some will be in italian or german.
      Later, mid December, you will be able to inscribe to a specific workshop.
      think positive, stay negative! ><

  2. Peter Schönhöffer says:

    there is no Registration form working right now, if you click nextcloud you need to be registered first. So please offer a free registration possibility.
    Yours Peter Schönhöffer

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