You never have enough time? Do you want some? 

We invite you to an event to share your time with others, and others share theirs with you, to do what you cannot do because you are very busy. 

Where: Kehl’s Club, Via Goethe 42 
When: 25-27 November 2022 (Friday 15-18h / Saturday 10-17h / Sunday 13-17h)

More details:

NON HO TEMPO fest is an event about time and care. It’s an event precisely for those who don’t have time: we are inviting the busy people of the city to: 

  • experience what the Banca del Tempo di Bolzano* has to offer;  
  • discover together how such and similar alternative economic networks could assist their very everyday lives;
  • and take a little time for what they rarely manage to do because they’re simply too busy: to enjoy some convivial moments, learn something new, or just take a second to rest.  

The members of the Banca del Tempo will offer activities and skills that they’re experts in: sewing, knitting, helping with technology, caring tips for plants, baking, cooking, and meditation. There’ll be an opportunity to bring and take objects that need new owners. And we’ll create a space to imagine how a life that puts care in the centre could be: how would we live if we took time for what we really care about and not what brings the most profit? 

The 3-day event takes place at Captain Kehl’s Club and co-organised by the Banca del Tempo di Bolzano, the Ufficio dei Statistica e Tempi di Bolzano, and us, Nicole Faiella and Eliza Zimmermann from the Eco-Social Design Master of the University of Bozen-Bolzano.  

* The Banca del Tempo di Bolzano is based in Gries-S.Quirino. It follows the basic principles of time banks: members make their skills available for everyone within the association, exchanging only time. Time is the currency that circulates, not money, and it does so in a solidary way. Everyone’s time has the same value, regardless of the skill or service offered. This mutual recognition is an economical alternative to the market and an expression of democracy, reciprocity, equality, and care that creates a community and develops a system of social relations. 

Detailed program:

Before the event, we organised a workshop for other eco-social design students to create posters that expresses their feelings about our collective lack of time. These artworks were used to invite people to the event. See them all below.

What would happen
if we put care at the very centre of life?
How would it change the way we use time? 

The NON HO TEMPO fest is organised within the thesis project Time interactions for Care as a research action.

About the project:

Our project is about relaunching and reinventing The Time Bank of Bozen-Bolzano, what we see as a practice that breaks with monetizing skills, knowledge, time and so life itself; and about nudging systemic actors to take decisions in favour of an eco-social transition towards a care-based society. 

Our aim with this event is to find ways to involve busy people, people who lack time, and who are directly affected by the current exploitative modes of living into alternative economic networks, networks of solidarity. For that, we envisioned a prototype event to share time; a draft of a new time bank based on principles of commoning; and artefacts that can better facilitate the circulation of time. We also hope to prepare a manifesto to suggest new time and care policies to the Office of Times for a longterm transformation.

Because challenging the current conception of care and time is challenging the exploitative system. Reclaiming the value of care, human and more-than-human life and reclaiming times, the manifold diverse forms of it, is necessary for a good life for all. 

A project by

Eliza Zimmermann and Nicole Faiella

Supervised by

Kris Krois and Sabina Frei

In partnership with

Banca del Tempo Bolzano and Ufficio Statistica e Tempi della Città

Supported by

Kehl’s Club