to salone or not to

To Salone or not to…

… that is the question we would like to discuss with you on Monday, 3 June 2019, 17:30, unibz, Faculty for Design & Art, F0.01

For years the Milano Design Week has been a driver of mindsets, lifestyles and economies which consistently contributed to the acceleration of the eco-social catastrophes we now face and finally acknowledge.
In past years different actors used this stage to raise a voice offering a different rhetoric, alternative perspectives and discourses.

Question is, where do we stand? How do we see it?
– Don’t support it and waste our time with it! (?)
– Intervene to make it the Design Week you want to see*?
– How could we do it? – if at all…

We invite all members of the Faculty for Design and Art to discuss the question. Students, teachers, all more then welcome!  

Nitzan Cohen & Kris >< Krois

* How is the Salone we want to see in times of Global Warming & Extinction (read “Concerns of young protesters are justified” in Science)?


  1. kunomprey says:

    solo come informazione: il progetto „bastoni“ é stato invitato al salone satellite 2020. a fine semestre decideremo se portare o no i progetti che sono in fase di completamento. :-)k

    ps: be trilingual

  2. Hans Leo Höger says:

    Many thanks for this initiative…

    Some of us may not know what Alice Rawsthorn, already in 2015, wrote about her perception of the Milan Salone del Mobile:

    A second statement comes from Dezeen’s editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs, noticing that “The Milanese are masters of surface confidence…”:

    It is high time that we talk and exchange opinions and directions amoung us – much more than happened in the past.

    I don’t want to see Milan and its “Fuori Salone Week” in a completely negative light. We should, of course, recognize the opportunities it offers (this year, more than 300,000 people visited the event – divided between Rho and the city of Milan).

    For sure it offers good opportunities to compare and discuss different forms of design understanding and future orientation.



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