By Design or by Disaster

Final Exam Presentations

Thursday 17th + Friday 18th of March 2022

We are more than happy to hear and share the final exam presentations of our latest Eco-Social Design master class showcasing the dedicated work of ten upcoming graduates. Check out the timetable below and feel very welcome to join us online with this TEAMS link *

* we kindly ask you to keep your microphones muted and we would like to remind you that it is not permitted to record the exams.

Thursday 17th

Caterina Laruccia: Comunità (disambigua)

Nicholas Rapagnani: The Growing Sneakers – an experience-based investigation of future sneakers manufacturing techniques and scenarios through materials bio fabrication

Merve Bektas: Glocal Worm-ingEarthworms as active agents to transform the web of place-based human-soil relations and ecologies

Adele Buffa: The Values of Un-wanted:Establishing A local network for second-hand clothing (SHC) valorization

Hana Carolina Maquita Bobadilla: Transform-action

Tom Sebastian Semmelroth: Foundation of the Klitzeklein Verlag


Friday 18th

Iske Catharina Conradie: Screenage Experiences: Co-designing educational and activist outputs with Gen Z social media users through online, facilitated peer-to-peer workshops

Janine Vorfeld: more than only/ a participatory, interactive and inclusive social awareness project fighting stereotypes in public

Martina Spinelli: Urban Eco, Exploration practices to envision post- anthropogenic imaginary

Michela Esposito: De*Program: structural co-relations and actions on mental health in workplaces


Exam commission: Kris Krois (President), Seçil Ugur Yavuz, Ingrid Kofler, Sabina Frei, Matteo Moretti, Elisabeth Tauber, Alvise Mattozzi, Aart van Bezooijen
Organisation: Andrea Waldthaler
Livestream: Alexander Erlacher & Team

Saturday 19th

The projects will showcased during the DIPLORAMA exhibition. You can book your visit here to see the projects of all graduates at the Faculty of Design and Art in Bolzano.