Semester Inaugural Talk »Hybrid Experiences«, Feb 28th, 4.30pm, Unibz & MS Teams

Dear all,

We warmly invite you to the next Semester Inaugural Talk happening on the first day of the new semester:

“Hybrid Experiences – Challenging the binary mode of spaces, technology and materials”
28/02/2022, 4:30pm, hybrid format: D1.01 & MS Teams


Elisa Poli, NABA Milano, Hybrid times and the symptoms of architecture
Francesco D’Abbraccio,Krisis Publishing, AI generated storytelling


Seçil Uğur Yavuz, hybrid crafts
Roberto Gigliotti, hybrid exhibition design
Elisabetta Rattalino, histories of hybrid art practices

Since our world cannot be sorted into dualisms anymore, we need to find new categories of these overlapping experiences. Hybridity is a concept that helps to deal with those always-changing relations, assemblages, networks, and spaces. To open up the discussion, what hybridity means to us, we start with the two perspectives on “hybrid spaces” and “hybrid data visualizations”: Elisa Poli (NABA Milano) will talk about hybrid times and the symptoms of architecture and Francesco D’Abbraccio (Krisis Publishing) will present his AI-generated data artwork. In the panel discussion, more perspectives will be brought in: Seçil Uğur Yavuz will introduce her view on hybrid materials by working with eTextiles, Roberto Gigliotti will speak about the interaction between physical and digital space in exhibition design and Elisabetta Rattalino will give us insights into histories of hybrid art practices.

Looking forward to see you,
Jennifer Schubert
Marcello Barison
German Duarte