A place to B(Z)

A place to B(z) – The Art of Public Space

Public Space is like the soul of every city – those are the places where we get together and meet each other, where we play and where the life of a city takes place. The whole character of a city is shaped by the makeup of the city’s public spaces. Are they open? Are they inviting? Are they inclusive?

We from A place to B(z) want people to have a say in how their living environment works and feels.
We believe that we as citizens have a right to actively participate in shaping our city.

You can have a first look into the future of a citizen shaped neighborhood on October 1st, 10:00 – 20:00, at the former train station area in Via del Macello, Bolzano.

Take part in our workshop on future uses of this area or just visit our city quarters that are based on the themes: food & nature, art & culture, sport & play, music and sharing economy. This event is part of the Bolzano Art Week. It is based on a collaboration of students of the MA Eco-Social Design (Marielle Scharfenberg) with the urban laboratory lab:bz (Philipp Rier, urban planner / LIA), and other associations and engaged persons in Bolzano–Bozen.

Pressemitteilung | Communicato Stampa (PDF)