»Strategies for social-ecological transformation« with Kris >

»Strategies for social-ecological transformation« with Kris ><

Wednesday, 18 Dec, 18:30, unibz, C4.01

How can a multitude of complementary changes lead to a “great transformation” within the tight time frame of 15 to 30 years estimated by scientists to avoid the catastrophic decline of life on earth? Which (kind of) collaborations, alliances and institutional arrangements should be strengthened and started? What can designers contribute? In which roles and processes? Which kind of design practices and strategies are needed? What are the structures designers can become part of or build upon to have livelihoods that allow them to fully engage for the social-ecological transformation in the long run?

The lecture tries to provide possible answers to these questions – acknowledging that there are no perfect answers. But it’s worth trying – and discussing for getting sharper and more effective. To be continued with multiple voices at the annual conference By Design or by Disaster, 2-5 April 2020, focusing on “Cross-cutting Strategies”.