Joanna Boehnert, 5.12., 20:30, Unibz

On Monday, 5.12., 20:30 in Unibz, F0.01 she talks about

Design / Ecology / Politics: Towards the Ecocene

Dr. Joanna Boehnert is a designer, researcher and activist with expertise on the visual communication of complex problems and the politics of ecological transitions. Her first book, titled Design/ Ecology/ Politics: Toward the Ecocene, will be published by Bloomsbury Academic in 2017… Read more

Design mediates social relations in a variety of ways.

Design practice must be informed by ecological theory.

The interests of powerful groups are manifest in design.


For this reason, attention to the political economy of design is a necessary part of creating conditions for regenerative design. With these ideas in mind, the Ecocene can propel the cultural change necessary to survive the Anthropocene. Read more