Winter Wonder Land

Veronika Hackl (Vienna, Austria)

Lecture: 18-19h
Date: 20.11.2023
Location: F4.01

The public lecture and (internal) workshop “Winter Wonder Land” explores possibilities of using public spaces in the cold season. When we speak about the use of public space and a democratization of the city, we often think of the need for green spaces, shady places to linger, and outdoor meeting places that are not focused on consumption. But what happens to these spaces in winter? Which needs do different user groups and generations have in the colder season and how can we take these into account when we think about appropriating public places and spaces? Good Practice examples form Austria to Norway and Canada provide insights into already existing urban practices in low temperatures (open lecture). The day after (internal workshop), we will explore the potential of Don Bosco’s central area in winter. We will collaboratively experiment and try out urban strategies under harsh conditions. How can we create sustainable urban rituals throughout the year?

The lecture is public and welcomes everyone sharing our interest!

About Veronika Hackl
Veronika Hackl is a social scientist and cultural worker. Her work constantly moves within the field of curation, mediation, production, and research. She is engaged with community art, participatory video, anti-discriminatory art practice and collaborative processes, at both a theoretical and practical level. In Vienna she started in 2022 to focus on the topic of the use of public space in the winter month.

Organised by
Faculty of Design and Art / MA Eco-Social Design, Project 1