Material Talks: Technosoil – The Origin Of The Future Soil

Lecture: 18-19h
Date: 14.11.2023
Location: BITZ fablab

Photo: Making of TECHNOSOIL popup exhibition.

Through a public lecture and (internal) workshop we will learn and experience more about the research of multidisciplinary-designer Davide Balda on the use and study of the earth to create a new sustainable building material that replaces materials such as cement, which production processes result in a high pollution impact, causing irreversible damage to the planet’s ecosystem. The experience contributes to the creation and implementation of an open source digital library where all existing technofossils are collected and studied. Technofossils are the raw materials of the future, which our descendants will use. Materials made with traces and material waste of anthropocentric origin.

The internal workshop taking place at the BITZ fablab and Casa Atelier is dedicated to the “Design and Materials” course students from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano who are working with Neosoil from the recent “PLOT” exhibition at the Museion by artist Asad Raza as one of their main ingredients.

The lecture is public and welcomes everyone sharing our interest!

About Davide Balda
Davide Balda is a multidisciplinary designer, interested in discovering new materials and sustainable production processes. He prefers an anthropological and archaeological investigation, actively involving the local community and interacting with the materials produced by local activities. In this phase, problems related to the development and improvement of society and the environment are addressed. Davide identifies himself as an archeo-designer, or rather an excavator who investigates and searches for the rubble of the past to re-read history. The role of the archaeo-designer is to reconstruct and describe history by digging through the natural and artificial waste produced by human activities with which to create new materials or artifacts. Matter, the process of discovery and creation becomes the way to tell and touch something deeper and more concrete, opening discussions on a planet with countless environmental, social and economic problems.

Material Talks
Material Talks is a series of lectures focused on matter. This edition focuses on “soil”, the focus theme for this semester’s Design and Materials course of the Eco-Social Design master.

Workshop Results
The results of the two-day workshop taking place at the BITZ fablab will be displayed at the Museion / Casa Atelier from 16.11–20.11.2023. Feel free to walk by, enjoy our 24/7 window display!

Organised by
Faculty of Design and Art / MA Eco-Social Design

Supported by
BITZ fablab
Material Crush

Lecture poster (Photo credit: Davide Balda)