Open Talk: IM KONTEXT / NEL CONTESTO: Vom Acker auf den Teller? at the Museion with eco-social designers Merve Bektas, MeikeĀ Hollnaicher, and agronomist Dr. Jutta Staffler

On May 18, the themes of the PLOT exhibition at MUSEION will be an opportunity to understand the important diversity of fertile humus as a metaphor for sustainable local agriculture and ethically behaving society.

In dialogue with the audience and invited speakers from local entities committed to the environment and sustainable agriculture, the public will be invited to question our consumption and food behavior.

Eco-social design graduates, Meike Hollnaicher who is the founder of the Farmfluencers project, and Merve Bektas, with her project Glocal Worm-ing, and the agronomist Dr. Jutta Staffler from Eurac Research, and contributors to the PLOT exhibition by artist Asad Raza will be present.

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Photo credit: Museion, 2023