Eco-Social Design at Time Week

Bolzano–Bozen is the capital of time in 2023 and currently holding an international conference. Part of it are Eco-Social Designers with their ongoing projects; Eliza Zimmermann’s and Nicole Faiella Perdomo’s thesis project on Time Interactions for Care (IG), and the 2nd semester project About Time by Clara Vardon, Koen Reerink and Rosario Castro. Here you can find the full program in English.

Time Interactions for Care: 11/05, 9-10:30, unibz, C4.06.

Other than that, Saturday 13/05, 10:00-17:00, at DRIN: the Banca del Tempo di Bolzano will welcome everyone who is interested about the exchanges that are and that could be going on in a timebank. It’s the perfect day to mix up a bit our social bubbles and engage in some intergenerational exchange of skills, knowledge and warm conversation. Those coming by at lunch time can be sure to have a lovely co-cooking and baking session, while at 15:00 you can join a meditation session guided by a member of the Banca.

Enjoy ><

Btw: The Time Office of the Municipality produced this trailer to advertise the event. It’s nicely done. My desire related to time today is not more hectic activities, but to have more moments without pressure and more time for care – for myself, for other people and nature :)