String Figures – By Design or by Disaster 2023

KAUZ & Eco-Social Design join forces for the BY DESIGN OR BY DISASTER Conference 2023

KAUZ, the lab for climate justice, work and future, will do its multiplier event within the BY DESIGN OR BY DISASTER conference, taking place at BASIS Vinschgau-Venosta in South Tyrol, Italy, 29 March – 2 April 2023.

Under the umbrella topic STRING FIGURES ∞ transforming together we offer a lively mix of talks, workshops, walks, exhibitions, paper presentations, good food, drinks, music and dance. Learn more about the focus in the call for papers and visual essays. Find our call for 7×7 short inputs here and the call for hands-on workshops over there (all closed).

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Get a few impressions of last year’s conference. Learn more about KAUZ and get into its workshops, podcasts, videos and more on (in English, German, Italian and Croatian).

We are very happy to mingle with the wonderful Hier & Da Festival for Good Life in Rural Areas, with which we will move higher into the Upper Vinschgau, a hotspot for social-ecological transformation in peripheral alpine areas.

Illustration: Federico Bertacchini