Semester 3: Thesis Preparation Project

Exhibition, GoG 2019
unibz, Faculty of Design & Art, F4
Fr, 18.1., 18:00-22:00
Sa, 19.1., 11:00-19:00

How much courage does it need to be an eco-social Designer? How do we want to work (together!)?
What is the social space we are acting in? What are the “rules” of the context? How can we cultivate exchange, foster diversity? (How) do people perceive their/our environment? How (can we contribute) to create the best impact in our society?

The 3rd semester is dedicated to the preparation of the final thesis project. Students develop their own proposition and attitude by addressing relevant societal issues, entering a productive and self-responsible working process and establishing a culture of experimentation and exchange. The objective is not the generation of finished, completed design solutions, but a focus on explorative design processes proposing relevant contributions to the respective field.

Approaches and themes are diverse, but all address contingent issues – overconsumption, fragile biodiversity, increasingly constrained perceptions of our surroundings, lack of connection to nature, participation in making and placemaking, importance and role of rituals in society, problematics of educational systems etc.

In challenging these societal issues through design, students ask us to reflect on our current notion of ‘progress’ – can we develop new, micro-, local, rural and urban perspectives?


Carla Ferrari, Chiara Rovescala, Cordula Maria Baur, Dietmar Unterberger, Federico Bertacchini, Francesco Piazza, Henrik de Goffau, Iryna Kucher, Lea Luzzi, Lisa Marie Kaspar, Lisa Maria Zellner, Martha Dro, Yael Fierro

Teaching Team

Johanna Dehio (Object–Spaces–Services)
Günther Innerebner (Communication–Interaction–Services)
Alastair Fuad-Luke (Design Research)

Guest reviewers at the Master Colloquia

Lisa Mazza (Bau, Lungomare)
Simone Mair (Bau)
Brita Köhler (Museion)
Lisa Frei (OEW / Zebra)
Astrid Weiss (Südtiroler Bauernbund)