Workshops – Friday, 18 Dec

Slot A, 16:30 h – 18:00 h

(re)designing for the moments in-between: a participatory design approach in creating ‘books’ for people with dementia

Niels Hendriks

Caring for a resilient regional development. How to get started?

Armin Bernhard and Carolin Holtkamp

Designing with care in an interdependent world

Bianca Elzenbaumer and Martina Dandolo

Earth Care – Ethics in Agriculture

SajaProject, Salvatore Giaccone

[cancelled] Fermenting caring more-than-human communities

Flora Mammana

Future Terre Alpine

Lisa Zellner and Federico Bertacchini


Marla Nichele and Angelica Cianflone

Creating visions for farm transformations

Camilla Carioli and Meike Hollnaicher

Slot B, 18:15 h – 19:45 h

perMA – Caring Education

Celeste Meisel, Hannes Wilke and Melanie Scheer

Gender equity workgroup, A guide to: Careful Language and redesigning communication – on being inclusive in the way we speak

Pia Deppermann, Marie Romeijn

Mnemosine, what did you forget in your wardrobe? A sustainable fashion experience

Adele Buffa and Anikò Gàl

Political perspectives on care, from a social design lab at the European Border


South Tyrols Network for Sustainability, Climate-circles for a co-created change

Daniela Delmonego, Judith Hafner, Manuela Prantner 

Writing Sustindustry

Daniele Basso, HBI Group

Capitalism doesn’t Care