Your seven minutes on stage

Projects, papers, provocations, products, purgatories, paradises, promises, plans, phantasies, policies, poetries… wanted, related to the topic of our conference: Cross-cutting Strategies.

With the organization of our conference BY DESIGN OR BY DISASTER 2020 in full swing, we’re excited to announce the 7X7*. In this session, you can present whatever you think matters with Care!

Present in whichever way you want, but no longer than 7 minutes. Show slides, do pantomime, live drawing, build a rapid prototype, sing, jump on the table and recite a poem… But be aware! We are looking for actions! So the presentation should be focused on already developed practices and real experiences (not only on concepts and reflections).

Are you up for the challenge? If so, please get in touch by sending an email to with a short text describing your presentation.

* The format is also known as “Pecha Kucha”, but we decided to extend it.

7×5 block A – Thursday, 17 Dec, 18:30 h

PARKS, caring for a common space

Johanna Padge

Tolerant urban ecologies. Perspectives from beneath the pavement.

Lauro Nächt ,Emma Kaufmann and Aurora Zordan

Co-creative Practices of the End of Life Doula

John Bruce

Shifting degrees of uncertainty

Marguerite Kahrl

New normality. How to create a new perspective in a systemic crisis through bottom up self organization and mutual aid.

Ottavia Bonuomo, Tallulah Aissa Rotman and Alberto Piccardo

7×7 block B – Saturday, 18 Dec, 18:15 h

Culture of Participation: digital stakeholder engagement post COVID

Jan-Christoph Zoels

Commons Cargobikes

Florian Egermann, wielebenwir e.V.

Social Design in the pandemic. Transforming open spaces for young refugees

Marlene Franck and Hans Sauer Stiftung

Fair Home

Bernardo Robles Hidalgo and Maria Anita Palumbo,

Beyond Anthrosupremacy: Designing with biotic and abiotic actants

Alastair Fuad-Luke

How can we foster social connection in neighbourhoods?

Lea Luzzi and Xenia Trojer

Architecture Exhibitions as care devices

Roberto Gigliotti