A sustainable fashion experience

Through the playful metaphor of having an insight in goddess of memory, Mnemosine’s wardrobe, in this workshop there will be inputs to think about your wardrobe, the lifetime of your clothing and the possible transformation of garments through redesigning techniques. Inspired by sustainable fashion researcher, Kate Fletcher’s idea about the importance of stories in how we relate to our wardrobe and how much we care about our garments, participants will share pictures and stories about some of their clothing, choosing pieces that would have a long story to tell and others that they’d like to get rid of. We will combine together a wardrobe and find out best practises on how to transform or get rid of definitively of the clothing that is not wanted anymore, addressing the weak points of the fashion system. Caring is a step to destroy less through fashion. Join us to create a wardrobe of stories for Mnemosine!3 statements or questions related to the workshop

Can neglecting our wardrobe be damaging for the Earth?
How might we take care more for our clothes?
What are the preferable future scenarios for the clothes you no longer want to keep?


Adele Buffa
Adele is an early practitioner in Eco-social design. Graduated at Politecnico of Turin in Product Design and Visual Communication she decides to explore the possibilities that design together with other disciplines could offer for a more sustainable living. She is passionate about transforming used garments beyond street art and sustainability. 

Anikò Gàl
Anikò is a fashion designer specialised in sustainability research. After studying languages ​​at La Sapienza in Rome she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna at the Biennium of Fashion Design with a thesis focused on an anthropological-aesthetic analysis of the evolution of the silhouette. She is a published author of fashion studies, engaged in educational projects and interested in visual arts. 

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