Capitalism doesn’t Care

We need to get organized!

Our workshop will explore the implications of understanding the Covid-Crisis as Crisis of care, such as Crisis of capitalism. We will explore on how these issues are related each one to another – putting a spotlight on some of the major implications. Since this is not our central topic we will then – out of the critique, as we say – build the bridge towards one specific form of organizing – which is a major topic of our transformational strategy. This is: We think collective organizing is necessary for both, building up healthy and sustainable relationships and lives, such as bringing forward the movements and fights against capitalist and other forms of exploitation of humans and nature. We’ll try to make our input very interactive, so everyone is able to get in touch with each other and really want to invite everyone to get into an open discussion with us – lets learn together on how to make our communities not only sustainable and strong, but also politically effective and radically solidary!

 Covid Crisis is a capitalist crisis and it hits those the hardest, whose life has already been fucked up by capitalist society. Especially those working in poorly paid or unpaid Care-jobs.

This Covid crisis makes clear how our society is inherently not able to care for the needs of all people besides what is profitable for the economy even though we have everything we need.

We as Solidaritree organize as a collective care structure in the fight for a society beyond capitalism.



came to the climate justice movement on the end of a time of traveling through projects of lived sustainability in all spheres of livelihood in Argentina, were his father comes from. Since three years then he is studying geography and exploring on inter-sectional perspectives on anti-capitalism. But as theory needs to come into practice he became part of Solidaritree and organized different gatherings and actions around commons, redistribution, coal mining and climate justice.


born in march 1995 grew up in NRW in Germany. During his Psychology studies He got involved in social movements and left wing policies around 2014. Since then he has finished his studies with a Bachelor of science and participated in the organization of anti lignite resistance in the Rhineland. He, with some friends from the climate justice movement, founded the group Solidaritree in 2018 and did campaigns, actions and political education concerning different topics including: war in Syria, climate justice, hambach forest, deportation / refugee politics. Besides his political effort he works as a treeworker and industrial climber, caring for trees, building high rope courses and treehouses.

3 recommended readings or other media

1. Video: Unboxing capitalism

2. Book: Beziehungsweise Revolution – Bini Adamzcak

3. Book: Crack Capitalism – John Holloway