Co-designing the new industrial sustainable development

The workshop will focus on the concept of “sustindustry”. This word has been created by HBI during the lockdown, and it wants to identify “sustainability applied to industry in a world aligned to the 17 SDGs”. Since
April, the workshop team has been discussing this concept with academics, entrepreneurs, consultants, and more. Among others, many topics emerged as crucial for the future of the sustainable industry: resiliency, ESG funding, end-of-life laws, new indicators, and evaluators.
The aim of the workshop is to hack the concept of sustindustry, in order to write the first Sustindustry Manifesto. It could seem counter-intuitive to dissect and destroy a concept to build around it, but the goal
of the workshop is to take advantage of the transdisciplinary curricula of the participants at the DOD – Care Beyond Crisis to imagine new approaches, alternatives, innovations, that could lead to unexplored and
pervasive solution for a sustainable development of industry.
In doing so, we will ask participants to the workshop to be proactive, to expose their point of view: we want to co-create value, and sharing thoughts is always a good way.

Organizationally, the workshop will be structured as follows:

1) Seminar presentation and participant organization (05 mins)
2) “Sustindustry” concept and findings presentation
3) Group work [depending on the number of participants]
4) Time to write!
5) Conclusion
3 statements of questions related to the workshop
1) What are the drivers for achieving sustindustry?
2) What are the steps to “ground” sustindustry?
3) What are the best territories for sustindustry?


The workshop will be held by The Greeners team:

  • Daniele Basso is researcher at University of Bolzano/Bozen, CEO and founder of HBI Group;
  • Jacopo Deidda Gagliardo is an internationally known business coach and start-up mentor;
  • Ivana Bertola is communication manager & digital content creator;
  • Giovanni Venegoni is researcher devoted to the cause of sustainability and human rights.
    The team was formed some time ago, with the aim of developing projects and initiatives focused on sustainable development and value creation.
recommended readings or other media

1) Grapes of wrath, John Steinbeck
2) Taste the waste, 2011 movie
3) Earth Song, Michael Jackson