Climate change is going to affect our lives, wheater we like it or not.

The climate-circles we want to create are based on Richard Stiegler’s Book “Why climate change is taking us to our inner limits… and how we can grow with the challenge” (Warum uns der Klimawandel an innere Grenzen bringt… und wie wir daran wachsen können). The core-group for this project within the South Tyrolean Network for Sustainability (with over 90 member associations) will reflect on the idea of climate circles and would like to offer a workshop of joint reflection on what we need for creating such circles in South Tyrol. 

Thus, the workshop shall be a place of exchange and collection of wisdom and tools that will allow the group to start with the Climate Circle Workshops in 2021. Together let’s create strong roots in order to have a good fundament to grow the circles and change the future together. 

Purpose of the workshop is leaving with a backpack full of ideas how to organize in the best way the circles, how to initiate change in mindset and behavior, how to motivate and how to give space to the inner feelings and reactions of the participants to climate change. 

In these climate circles we are planning to: 

  • raise awareness of the hard reality of climate change 
  • explore our inner reaction to climate change 
  • propose small steps for personal change of behaviour 
  • connect people for collective action 

What could be useful tools for us to raise awareness? How do we communicate the circles effectively? 

How can we facilitate people to explore their reaction and feelings to climate change? 

How do we motivate personal change of behavior? 


Daniela Delmonego 

Host – Communication scientist, mental trainer and artist with a passion for processes. 

Daniela is currently working as organizer for technical trainings at a bank, but her passion for nature and her heart for sustainability push her in the direction of sustainable mental coaching. This means not only helping her coachee’s to learn how to overcome obstacles and to discover their inner resources, but also to create a life in balance with nature and with a sustainable mindset. 

Manuela Prantner 

Co-host: Manuela is a life coach and works as youth referent in Kolping Youth. She is also the contact person for the youth-community in South Tyrols Network for sustainability. 

Judith Hafner 

Co-host: After living in France, South Africa, China and Ethiopia, she now coordinates South Tyrols Network for sustainability ( Her passion is Theory U. 

Recommended Media:

Book : Richard Stiegler – Warum uns der Klimawandel an innere Grenzen bringt und wie wir daran wachsen können (Why climate change is taking us to our inner limits… and how we can grow with the challenge) 

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