10 June 💥 Workshop: The slightly different map: Collective mapping of structural exploitation and solidarity alternatives

10 June 💥 Workshop: The slightly different map: Collective mapping of structural exploitation and solidarity alternatives

with Lis Perks in the frame of the Sustainabilty Festival, based on KAUZ – laboratory for climate, work and future
10 June 2022 at 17:00 to 19:00/20:00h
Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, C3.06

We live in a world full of contradictions: exploitation and solidarity often exist next to each other. Our daily life takes place in a system that drives and stabilizes inequalities and makes it almost impossible for the individual not to live at the expense of other people and the environment. Much of this we have learned to accept as normal, thus preventing the establishment of a good life for all. At the same time, there are diverse realities of a just and solidary mode of living in the here and now. All these ambivalent processes are reflected in the physical space that surrounds us.

In this workshop, we use the method of collective critical mapping to question the normality with which we accept our surroundings. We explore structures that push us into exploitative behavior just as well present examples of structures that support socially and environmentally sustainable living. By comparing these two perspectives, we can sharpen our perception of what is happening in our environment and ask the crucial question: How can an environment look like that supports a future based on solidarity? We will explore the immediate surroundings of the venue and capture our observations on maps. Collective mapping is a way to collect observations and everyday experiences and discuss them in their context. Various social movements around the globe use this method to develop and communicate designs for a world in solidarity.

The workshop is only possible as an in-person workshop.

Workshop objectives

  • discover spatially anchored structures that favor or hinder a solidary mode of living
  • discuss concrete opportunities for action towards a good life for all
  • facilitate a fun, community-based learning experience through the creative method of collective mapping

Target audience

The workshop is aimed at a broad audience with no specific prior knowledge from the age of 16 up. The workshop concept is suitable for implementation with both existing and new groups. The ideal group size is between 10 and 18 participants. It is not crucial whether the participants are already familiar with the environment of the workshop location. It is connected with the workshop “At the expense of others?“, but can be done independly.

The workshop is open for all, and can host at a max. 18 persons. Please inscribe here (first come, first served; inscription is free, but binding). In case you have any questions in advance, please get in touch with Lis Perks.