By Design or By Disaster

Master in
Eco-Social Design

Faculty of Design & Art
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

The two-year Master of Arts in Eco-Social Design focusses on the potentials of local communities and economies, and on how to unfold them in a globalized world. Eco-Social Design is not only about more eco-efficient products and services, but is striving for more social good and good life with less material goods. Design as a catalyst of change.

Get the details in German, English or Italian and apply by 21 July. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Cornerstones and characteristics

Designers can help to envision and enable resilient projects locally, which can be adapted elsewhere – multiplied and networked globally. We use the region that we are placed in – the alps – to practice and teach ways of working, which can be applied in other regions, too.

The Master enables young creative professionals to design for sustainable practices of production, consumption and living. With this aim the design of products, interactive applications and communications are approached as an integrated task. Students learn to work on design projects equipped with a transdisciplinary set of instruments beyond design, gathered from social and environmental sciences, economics and business, technology and crafts.

Teaching and learning are organized in in multidisciplinary projects, where theory and practice are integrated in order to deal with complex questions and develop effective “answers” through the means of design. The master’s program works across several fields of design and provides possibilities to specialize in specific design disciplines, skills and/or areas of application. You will collaborate in teams, in beautiful spaces, and with external experts and stakeholders. The Faculty provides an environment that fosters creative, personal and professional development. It offers state-of-the-art labs: from traditional crafts to rapid prototyping and physical computing, from carpentry to user experience.

Get an idea of the topics covered and of our environment by taking a look on the program and the impressions of the Glocal Design Spring 2015, download a short presentation (PDF) and join the upcoming conference By Design or by Disaster, 2-7 May

Scholarships & support programs

All eu-Citizens can apply for a study grant by the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol. It is income based and might amount up to 5900 €. If you are eligible you will also be exempted from the tuition fees. Non-EU students can apply for a study grant of the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol when they have a long-time permit to stay or if they have their residence in South Tyrol for at least one year without interruption. More here. Students from Germany can also apply for Auslandsbafög.


The Free University of Bolzano is trilingual. In order to fulfill the language requirements you can hand in an international language certificate or sit a language exam here. To get an idea about the structure and the content of these exams please have a look there.

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