Aart van Bezooijen »Digital Crafts – A New Relationship Between Designers and Materials for More Circular Design«

By Design or by Disaster Talk
Monday, 5 November 2018, 18:30
unibz, room F0.03

»Materials are key ingredients to a more sustainable future«

Moving towards a circular economy requires a different way of dealing with the valuable resources of our planet. A circular economy does not only involve economics but demands a stronger integration of social and ecological aspects of the way we design and make things. With a closer look at the (new) relationship between designers and materials we discover great opportunities for the designers of the future dealing with digital manufacturing, urban mining, open source methods and material farming. An inspiration talk for those who are ready to explore, question and respect the wonderful resources our planet has to offer.

Aart van Bezooijen is a Dutch industrial designer with an obsession for materials. In 2005, he founded the agency Material Stories which supports companies, organisations, designers, and educators with material consulting, material research, innovation workshops, lectures and trend reports. Since 2012, he also works as professor for material and technology transfer at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle establishing the university’s material collection with the platform MAKE.

3 recommended readings: 

Jonathon Porritt: The world we made – Alex McKay’s Story from 2050 (Phaidon 2013)

Elvin Karana Owain PedgleyValentina RognoliMaterials Experience- Fundamentals of Materials and Design (Butterworth-Heinemann 2012)

Paula Rache, Aart van Bezooijen: It’s not easy being green- Two Designers Exploring Sustainability Worldwide (http://itsnoteasybeinggreen.net/)

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