Workshop »Sketching Utopia« & Open Lecture by Corinna Sy

The two day workshop »Sketching Utopia – A Societal & Political Approach on Design« deals with the systemic dimensions on design and the concrete concepts of societal value.

In times when many parameters that are believed to be safe are moving, heated debates and distributional struggles are waged, known parameters change and common answers are no longer adequate, questions must be asked – including what should be done, as well as which influence design can have. 

The workshop deals with changes of perspective, the responsibility of design, the exploration of room for maneuver, the potential for structural change, interventions and subversive change processes.

Within the two days, a design space will be created in which current global issues will be identified and discussed, utopias designed for the future, and transformed into concrete, prototypical formats for new social opportunities. The workshop motivates to debate, to criticise, to experiment, to abstract, to assert, to shape, and above all, to change!

Mo, Dec 16th, 10am-5.30pm
Di, Dec 17th, 10am-3pm

Max. 12 participants

Pre-registration required:
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Plus Open Lecture on Monday, Dec 16th, 7pm, C4.06
about »Cucula – A Refugees Company for Crafts & Design«

CUCULA is a Berlin based model project that enables young refugees to create a future career for themselves.
The project began 2014 by launching an initially utopian construction: The “Refugees Company for Crafts and Design“ producing and selling furnitures with the designs by Enzo Mari. CUCULA has developed into a real company providing financial, social and legal support for newcomers. The focus lies on the potentials and talents of each individual.
CUCULA sees itself as an experimental workshop for reconstruction and assembly – it searches for creative interventions and tries to set impulses for new societal chances.
In the lecture Corinna Sy speaks about the process of establishing such a social business – its challenges and chances.