By Design or by Disaster

2 Thesis Presentations of the MA Eco-Social Design

Thursday, 14 Nov, 16:00, Faculty for Design & Art, unibz, Room F4 Freiraum

Lea Luzzi: Convivial
An interactive tool for ‘co-ideating’ social infrastructure in neighbourhoods

Convivial is a participatory game designed to harness citizens’ local knowledge to creatively improve the social infrastructure in their neighbourhoods. It is designed for those who engage in community-driven neighbourhood development, such as urban labs and citizen groups.

Convivial in action: Residents discussing social infrastructure ideas

Iryna Kucher: Mend. IT
Wisdom, memory, and emotional bonds with our clothes

The Project aims at understanding the relationship with our garments, and analyses the values embedded into different temporalities of consumption patterns within two versions of capitalism: the post-industrial, post-modern version of Western capitalism on the one hand, and the post-socialist version of Eastern capitalism on the other.