On Transformative Spatial Practices

Date: 14.11 2023 – from 14:00-16:00

A Lecture Conversation hosted by Project 3 open for all MA students

On transformative Spatial Practices with Daria Habicher – introducing The future of Stilfs–Stelvio (and beyond) Marielle Scharfenberg – presenting A Place to BZ and Martina Dandolo – advancing Italy goes Mietshäusersyndikat.

Daria Habicher, born 1993 in Bolzano, grew up in Val Venosta/Vinschgau. Studied political science and socio-economics with a focus on socio-ecological transformation and sustainability in Austria and Norway. Worked at Eurac Research from 2017-2022. Left Eurac Research 2022, now self-employed. Co-founder of the LIA Collective (South Tyrol) which sees itself as a young collective that endeavors to transform spaces, organizations, and processes in creative and participatory ways. Ocean lover, whale admirer, passionate diver and diving teacher.

Martina Dandolo is a Eco-Social Designer interested in community and mutual economies, form of activism and care practices, feminist theory and self-determination processes. Martina is involved in projects dealing with relational and participatory approaches and her work focuses on the opportunities that design offers for social and ecological justice by implementing ethical and sustainable practices. She collaborates and works for grassroots organisations, non-profits or informal groups, creating strategies and toolkits, from an inclusive perspective, and applying facilitation and co-design methods.

Marielle Scharfenberg is a student at the Master for Eco-Social Design of the free university of Bozen-Bolzano. She is a member of A Place to B(z), a transformative initiative dedicated to reimagining spaces, nurturing creativity, and strengthening our community.