Tues, 22.5., 10:00 Maurizio Montalti “Material alternatives and our bio-degradable future/s”

Amsterdam based designer Maurizio Montalti will give a lecture “Material alternatives and our bio-degradable future/s” addressing the theme -designing with living systems and organisms-, invited by the projects Copy.Paste.Culture. and Design After Humans-Dystopia is Now. The lecture will start at 10:00 and take place on the 4th floor, room C4.06, in Faculty of Design and Art at the Free University of Bozen–Bolzano.

Maurizio Montalti designs with fungi, both provoking imaginations of future material cultures, and developing practically usable material for today at same time. Get to know about his practice, which he describes as “strongly characterised by a creative trans-disciplinary approach and rooted in a collaborative, research-based and experimental” on the web site of Officina Corpuscoli.