String Figures Exhibition MA Eco-Social Design

Exhibiting STRING FIGURES ∞ transforming together

End-of summer semester exhibition
Faculty for Design & Art
Fr, 9 June 18:00 – 22:00 Opening
Sa, 10 June 11:00 – 17:00

»…we require each other in unexpected collaborations and combinations, in hot compost piles.«  

Donna Haraway

In this spirit 12 teams of students of the Master in Eco-Social Design co-create contributions to social-ecological transformations together with diverse partners (NGOs, associations, coops, public institutions, citizen initiatives, etc). 

The projects of this second semester are exhibited on the fourth floor of the building F, together with the works in Social Interaction Design. Get a preview here:

Ein Dutzend Zukünfte 

Co-Design futures for small mountain schools 

Dying schools, dying villages? How can small mountain schools cope with demographic change and rural exodus? How can schools as the center of community be kept alive? Always at risk to be closed, new potentials appear. A future lab with the schools of the Deutschnonsberg presents their ideas. 

Student team: Laisa Cordes, Johanna Eger 

Partners & Supporters: Ingrid Kofler, Giulia Fasoli and Schulsprengel Nonsberg 


Fighting the stigma around sex and disability

ZigZag aims to create an accessible path toward inclusive and mindful sexual and emotional health for all. We tackle social stigma on the topic through a communication campaign and co-design sex tools for and with people with disabilities. 

Student team: Jacopo Margaglia, Viola Redaelli, Margherita Poli 

Partners & Supporters: Hackability 

About Time

Do you think about revolution while waiting for the bus?

Using waiting time in public spaces as a platform, we aim to ignite discussions and drive policy change, putting people at the heart of decision-making towards time solidarity. 

Student team: Rosario Castro, Clara Vardon, Koen Reerink 

Partners & Supporters: Ufficio Statistica e Tempi della Città – Comune di Bolzano 


Di trame future e desideri svelati

A participatory imaginative process for rural-community development

The project is activating dialogue on past, present and future within the community of Monno – a small village located in the Camonica Valley – generating positive perspectives and evoking desirable futures. 

Student team: Irene Delvai, Anna Martinatti, Greta Papaveri, Veronika Vascotto 

Partners & Supporters: Ca’Mon, Centro di comunità per l’Arte e l’Artigianato di Monno, Val Camonica 


A spot to bridge social gaps

The project aims to unite people living in radically different social situations next to the same river. On the confluence of Talvera and Isarco, a collective bench creates a meeting point between the city centre and the periphery, making the collision between the two realities tangible. 

Student team: Sarah Binkowski, Gaia D’Inzeo, Lorenzo Oliva Laffargue  

Partners & Supporters: Lungomare 

Futuro in Chiamata 

Engaging Bolzano’s youth in imagining a better tomorrow 

The core of the project is to engage the youth of Bolzano in thinking about a more desirable future by recording their visions. The aim is to make their voices heard by officials and to include them in the decision-making process. 

Student team: Maja Hauke, María Daniela Salgado Ochoa, Virginia Schraml 

Partners & Supporters: DRIN, Ufficio Politiche Giovanili  


A practical handbook for regenerative farming

Compiling tips and tricks from regenerative farmers of the Farmfluencer network, in a practical field guide, as a source of information, inspiration, and empowerment for the future generation of farmers in South-Tyrol and beyond.

Student team: Johanna Pauer, Tessa Hinz and Xavier Pettigrew 

Partners & Supporters: Farmfluencers, Fachschule Laimburg 

We Games

Play to connect! 

Sustainability transition requires the collective action of many. We connect people through play. Our kit provides games for everyone, enabling diverse groups to kick-off collaborations. Let’s play! 

Student team: Kirsten Ansorge, Nina Wittenbrink 

Partners & Supporters: La Rete – Das Netzwerk – La Rëi  

Happy Handy 

Collective weaving and designing with recycled textile 

Weaving traditions into the future. How can handmade carpets from recycled textile be revalued and workers paid fairly? Experimental design and DIY workshops promote the brand, empower participants and spread sustainable practice. 

Student team: Mahya Hashemi, Yvonne Yeboah 

Partners & Supporters: Politermica Società Coop. Impresa Sociale & Hands Onlus 

Words of Solidarity 

An invitation to support the House of Solidarity by volunteering and donating  

An interactive video and social poetry-making station informs the public on the agenda of the House. 

Student team: Yeva Kupchenko 

Partners & Supporters: Haus der Solidarität – Casa delle Solidarità

Community energy futures  

Empowering collective energy transitions  

Energy communities are crucial in the global energy transition, providing a sustainable and democratic alternative to large corporations. With this workshop format we can cultivate shared values and build trust as a base for your solidary and ecological community.

Student: Sven Kammerer 

Partners & Supporters: Ötzi Genossenschaft  

Hempire State 

From Seed to Skyscraper: The Hemp Building Revolution 

New York City, the concrete jungle – beneath its awe-inspiring skyline lies the truth of the colossal environmental impact of its buildings. A world with 0 carbon footprint cannot be built with concrete, but needs regenerative and climate positive materials such as hemp. 

Student: İnci Aslan, Iraitz Mujika Gerriko, Adria Cano Lopez 

Partners & Supporters: Sappa Group