By Design or by Disaster: Beyond Crises, 1–4 Oct 2020

The really real annual conference By Design or by Disaster will take place 1–4 October 2020 on various locations in and around Bolzano and in the Upper Valley of Vinschgau (Mals and surroundings). In this “festival diffuso” parallel workshops, walks and talks are spread across the region. While during the day everything happens at the open air in small groups, in the evening we all gather in a short video conference to share outcomes of the workshops and to enjoy talks and presentations. 

Parallel workshops, walks and talks could also be done in other locations around the globe, and join the evening online sessions, too. If you are interested organising parallel local event wherever you are, please get in touch. Act local, interconnect globally! You are also invited to suggest workshops in the area of Bolzano or Obervinschgau, and inputs for the larger online sessions. 

The focus is Beyond Crises. Which are the positive visions, strategies and practices that facilitate the urgently needed social-ecological transformations?

The conference will be an occasion the build upon what has been done in recent years and catalysed in the Beyond Crisis online conference, 17-18 April 2020 [outcomes], in the session of the Students & Alumni-Network for Transformers [outcomes], in the many collaborations with local and international partners of the MA Eco-Social Design and other parts of the Transformation Engaged Actors Network. Join the network by subscribing to the shared mattermost team by following this invitation link (it’s like slack, but open source & privacy-friendly). If you install the app (recommended the second step), please enter this server address: In mattermost the default channel for all is the “Town Square”, additionally you can subscribe to the “Blog” and to the channels of each group such as the very active Diverse Ecomonomies Resource Fund (DER) organised by Bianca Elzenbaumer, Martina Dandolo & Flora Mammana.

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