Donation-based cargo bike sharing for sustainable cities


Florian Egermann, * 1979 in Mannheim, Germany. He has worked for design agencies on print, online and media installations. Study at Academy of Media Arts, Cologne with Prof. Julia Scher and a focus on surveillance, public interventions and site-specific artworks. 

Florian Egermann’s work questions the fundamentals of capitalism, truth and authority — through the creation of absurd institutions, mixed-media installations, interventions and sustainable sharing concepts.  

As a founding member of wielebenwir e.V., a cologne-based association that develops and runs award-winning urban projects (“German Mobility Award”, “German Bike Award”), he helped kick-start the „Commons Cargobike“-movement.

He is the founder of FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, the fastest growing organisation for failed artists.

He lives & works as an artist, activist and astronaut in Cologne.