FAIR HOME, a new economic, managerial, environmental and social model for affordable housing thanks to a redefinition of the rights and the missions of and in between the tenants and the owners of a building. 

Today we label the eco-compatibility of building materials, we trace their origins, control the costs of housing and we master their occupation to ensure a certain societal project. In sectorized and independent ways these separate labels seem to impact different aspects to improve the existing housing park and that under construction, as a building and as a program. We think we have to be more ‘holistic’. One dimension that needs to be renewed is the relationship with the built environment. Through an approach that refreshes the relationship between the tenants and their environment by stressing their maintenance capacity and the relationship with the owner (public and private). 


Maria Anita Palumbo

born in 1981, PhD in social anthropology and ethnology at EHESS, She is an Associate Professor (Tenure) in Human and Social Sciences at the Saint-Etienne School of Architecture. She specializes in the relationship between city and alterity. She specializes in the relationship between city and alterity. Her field of inquiry are urban situations at the margins. Her research also questions the processes of urban transformation observed through ethnographic work.

Bernardo Robles Hidalgo

born in 1984, studied architecture (ENSAPB) and project management for construction ( Brighton University). He has collaborated with the organisation Toestand as a coordinator, project assistant and CJO (chief janitor officer ), He worked as an illustrator and dismantler for Rotor. Presently developing a parental project with Marianita Palumbo at BOSCH (co-housing and shared domestic/community space in Brussels).

recommended readings or other media
  • 00136( mama archives)  “Firstly, do not touch anything ” Specialist to inhabitant
  • 00129( mama archives)”Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.”Kurt Vonnegut 
  •  film: Brazil ( 1985 )