Workshop: At the expese of others?

18 May 💥 Workshop: At the expense of others?

by Júlia Farriol Duran, based on KAUZ – laboratory for climate, work and future.
18 May 2022 at 14:00 to 18:00h
Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, Room F4.06

In the workshop “At the expense of others?” we shed light on the modern, often invisible structures of exploitation that constitute an essential part of Middle European prosperity and well-being. To do so, we work with the concept of the Imperial Mode of Living (Wissen/Brand, 2017) which provides an explanatory approach for the contradictory observation: although there is increasing knowledge about the climate crisis and social inequality, both are coming to a head. This observation begs the question: How is this possible, and why does change take so long?
We explore these questions by using the example of car mobility, which the KAUZ-video about the Imperial Mode of Living outlines. Based on this video, we discuss the key messages of the concept. In a second step, we link the concept to our daily life experiences and ask the crucial question of how we are involved in the Imperial Mode of Living and where we can oppose it. The workshop consists of a mix of audiovisual input, discussion, reflection and group exercises.

The workshop is open for all, and can host at a max. 20 persons. Please inscribe here (first come, first served; inscription is free, but binding). In case you have any questions in advance, please get in touch with Julia Farriol Duran.


  1. Aart says:

    wonderful video. did annie leonard ( already see this? she would be proud! looking forward to the “solidary mode of living” episode :-)

  2. Kris Krois says: Author

    thanks Aart! – very happy about this feedback. I will pass it oin to the team :) ><

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