Research Position: Climate Citizens Assemblies – an instrument for climate justice & inclusive decision-making?

Research Position: ‘Climate Citizens Assemblies – An instrument for climate justice and inclusive decision-making?’

For the 3-year research project Climate Citizens Assemblies – An instrument for climate justice and inclusive decision-making? (CCA), we are looking for a social scientist with experience related to governance, democracy and/or participation, social justice, equality, inclusion and/or emancipatory politics. German language skills are required.

You will work in a interdisciplinary team (social sciences and design research). The research activity cosists among other in:

  • Development of a conceptual framework and glossary based on theories and studies of democratic governance and participation;
  • Drafting of case studies of a series of Climate Citizen Assemblies;
  • Qualitative analysis of the published documents and of internal notes (document and data analysis using appropriate software);
  • Analysis of the design and process of each case;
  • Analysis of the outcomes of each assembly (compared to climate plans of governments and targets according to climate science and transformation research);
  • Conduction and evaluation of members and stakeholder interviews on experiences;
  • Conduction and evaluation of expert interviews on deliberation, participation and climate justice;
  • Visual comparison of the selected CCA’s processes & qualities;
  • Distilling the patterns of successful elements and processes in CCAs (and antipatterns / hindering elements and processes);
  • Guidelines for successful CCAs, with pattern and antipattern in a appealing narration (in collaboration with a graphic designer);
  • Drafting the executive summary;
  • Collaboration on academic publications;

For formal reasons the contract duration is for 12 months, but renewable for the full duration of the project (very likely!).

Expected start: 1 February 2023

You will become part of the research cluster trans–form, and connected with the MA Eco-Social Design.

Here is the call. Application deadline: 28.11.2022 12:00 a.m. CET. If you have questions about the application procedure, please email Recruitment Design. For questions concerning the research project, please contact Kris Krois.

Apologies for the bureaucratese form of the call. It is out of our hands to make this different, but the work itself and the atmosphere in our projects are collaborative and convivial.