Proceeding 2023 published: String Figures ∞ Transforming Together

Proceeding 2023 published: String Figures ∞ Transforming Together

In 2023 with the 10th anniversary of the conference series, we organized an academic track, based on a call for papers and visual essays, and a double-blind peer-review process. To our surprise, the academic track, which went in parallel to hands-on workshops, has been extremely well attended and included lively discussions. So, we plan to give it more time and space and also interweave it better with the other formats of the conference. Here you can download the proceedings. They would not be ready without the persistent work of Mustapha El Moussaoui, and many others helping.

Btw: the call for papers and visual essays for the By Design and by Disaster Conference 2024 just opened. The focus is on “Power in Transformation“. Abstract submission deadline: 1 March 2024

Table of Content
Mustapha El Moussaoui

Introduction: Transforming Together ∞ What for and where to? And why with String Figures?
Kris Krois

Future as a Common: Revising the paradigm of transformation
Andrea Dieck, Benjamin Lehn, Malte Terzer

Taste Climate Change: Facilitating a multi-sensory experience of the Anthropocene.
Vivien Büchele

The Art of ‘Unknowing’ the Future
Claire Waffel

Things Do Making
Marius Land

Dare Inclusion: An inclusive restaurant in Munich
Giuseppe Troiano

One planet — Two Worlds: Exploring Eco-Social Innovation within an Indo-European Design Research PlanetEnvironment
Chris Doering, Rebecca Reubens

Participatory Futures Community Design for the Nonsberg School District
Ingrid Kofler, Giulia Fasoli, Johanna Eger, Laisa Cordes

A Quest in colour: Botanica Colours and Their Creative Qualities
Giorgia Bandiera

Tactical Utopianism: An Alternative Way Towards Concrete Utopias
Mustapha El Moussaoui

A Design Process to Transform Design Thinking to Build Designers’ Empathy with ‘More-Than Human’
Actors: A Case Study From Floating University Berlin

Jixiang Jiang

Social Participation and Transdisciplinary Research in Real-World Laboratories
Ingrid Kofler

Experimenting the City of Tomorrow
Miriam Hamel

Limbic Landscapes — Edges, Boundaries and Thresholds of Meaning
Aoife Mooney

Reflections and learnings on organizing a convivial academic conference
Sofia Scroppo, Arthur Holt, Jacopo