By Design or by Disaster

Research Assistant – Playground: Designing Visions of Play in a More-than-Human-World

UNIBZ’s Faculty of Design and Art is seeking a Research Assistant with a track record in design research in the context of eco-social transformation. The research assistant will work within the framework of the project, “Playground: Designing Visions of Play in a More-than-Human World“, funded by UNIBZ’s internal start-up grant. From the outset, this project asks how playgrounds might provide an opportunity to bring biodiversity to urban environments whilst helping combat climate change. As a participatory design project, it will draw stakeholders within the context of Bozen-Bozlano toward the topic and ultimately develop an awareness of the importance of reintegrating biodiversity into city life while tinkering with the positive implications for the imagination and play of younger citizens. The research assistant will support the establishment of a draft methodology and acquire empirical knowledge from a pilot project developed in collaboration with local partners. The research assistant will use design-led approaches to create appropriate interventions for the project and the subsequent observation and analysis of participation using qualitative research methods and tools. Expected outcomes for this position include creating design-led interventions within Bozen-Bolzano, an accompanying project toolkit, and support in drafting academic publications.

Please note that the successful AR will be expected to conduct fieldwork in the Italian language.

Here is the call. Application deadline: 11.01.2024, 12:00 a.m. (CET). If you have questions about the application procedure, please send an email to UNIBZ’s Personnel Office. For questions concerning the project, please get in touch with PI Sónia Matos.


  1. Ivan Pecorari says:

    Questo Bando e’ costrutito da cani.
    Errori grammaticali, richieste duplicate.
    Poi l amministrazione invece di agevolare le candidature le respinge.
    Mi sono candidate in tanti posti nella mia vita. Questo e’ il peggiore.
    Non e’ che avete gia’ un candidato?
    Questo sarebbe illegale cari umani.
    This for sure is way less then more-than-human.
    Do not apply!

  2. Sónia Matos says:

    Dear Ivan,

    I am saddened to hear you encountered administrative hurdles when applying for the position—unfortunately, this is out of our control.

    Reading your comment above, I assure you no one is assigned to this position – our selection procedure is conducted fairly and transparently.

    As expressed before, don’t hesitate to contact me directly should you wish to clarify any further doubts; of course, this should be done in a respectful manner.

  3. Ivan Pecorari says:

    Don’t go to this university! It is a bureaucratic mess and they don’t help you as a student/potential employee

  4. ivan pecorari says:

    I contacted you, and I sent you and your admin colleague the signed documents.
    What did the university want more from me?
    Your university is not respectful.
    Also, you completely ignored my initial question.
    Anyway, obviously, I’m making this a question of principles. Your bureaucracy will win at the end. But sorry, are you not looking for someone to work with you? You are making any possible barrier to apply. Only because designer research is desperate will you find someone. I will not bend my head to your arbitrary rules.

    1. Kris Krois says:

      Sorry about your bad experience. I am aware that there is a terribly complicated bureaucratic overhead, but we (the academic staff) have no influence on it. I am myself not happy with it. Please send your complaints to the administration. This blog is the wrong place.
      All the best ><

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