Parliament of Sustainable Fashion: Online Conference 08/10

Globally the fashion industry generates a complex web of environmental and social issues; and while sustainable fashion seems to be on trend, the rate of clothing consumption continues to rise. 

The sustainable fashion discourse often upholds capitalist structures and inequality. This is because it benefits the wealthy and links morality to economic status. Industry efforts mainly assist growth, not degrowth. As a result, practices like ‘visible mending’ are often co-opted by the rich as symbols of responsibility, while for the poor, they symbolise austerity. The sustainable fashion rhetoric needs to be democratised.

That’s where the Parliament of Sustainable Fashion comes in.

Parliament of Sustainable Fashion (current final thesis project by Mollie Edge) is dedicated to fostering inclusive and democratic discussions on sustainable fashion practices. PoSF workshops discuss diverse clothing use practices and explore sustainability beyond traditional capitalist approaches. Using our clothing as a powerful tool for communication, each workshop and assembly is unique, with diverse topics and outcomes emerging, highlighting the nuanced and multifaceted aspects of sustainable practices in action.

By providing a seat at the table for a wide range of participants, PoSF aims to empower individuals and promote a more inclusive and collaborative approach to sustainable fashion.

Join the discussion at the Parliament of Sustainable Fashion Online Conference.

When: Sunday 8th October

Where: Online. The event will take place on the virtual working platform ‘Gather’, so we will be immersed in PoSF digital HQ.

What: The event consists of 3 workshops that explore fashion through diverse perspectives. As well as co-developing future steps toward a more democratic sustainable fashion.

The programme is as follows:

09:00-21:00 (Central European Time/GMT+2)

Virtual space will be open 

12:00-12:30 Welcome to PoSF

12:30:14:00 Meet the Candidates

Using our clothing as political actants to generate democratic discussions.

15:00-16:30 Parliamentary Assembly

Discussing sustainable fashion motives through pluralised perspectives.

17:00-18:00 Collective Manifesto

Generating guidelines for the future of sustainable fashion.

18:00 Reflections & Goodbyes

Please write to Mollie at in order to book your spot.

Learn more about Parliament of Sustainable Fashion here.