MA Eco-Social Design → Project 2: CARE

… caring be viewed as a species activity that includes everything that we do to maintain, continue, and repair our ‘world’ so that we can live in it as well as possible. That world includes our bodies, our selves, and our environment, all of which we seek to interweave in a complex, life-sustaining web.

Bernice Fisher and Joan C. Tronto

Inspired by this idea on CARE, almost 30 students in 11 teams developed projects in cooperation with external partners.

Teaching Team:
David Calas (Object–Spaces–Services)
Kris Krois (Communication–Interaction–Services)
Secil Ugur Yavuz (Design Research)
and other teachers/researchers of the study course

Enjoy the teasers and trailers!
(Full documentation coming soon)


Growing in Solidarity

Julia Maier, Niklas Blum

caffungo sets out to grow oyster mushrooms on recycled coffee grounds for Bressanone’s gastronomy in a low-tech, small-scale mushroom farm. The project aims to create new, fair, and social job opportunities for inhabitants of the House of solidarity.

Haus der Solidarität



Art walk through peripheries

Anu Hakola, Sarah Solderer & Mara Vöcking

Notterna, an art nightwalk through Don Bosco brings the embodied experience of art back into society. The stations include multimedia artworks by members of the Südtiroler Künstlerbund and art students of the University of Bolzano.

art #common good #public space #Co-Design #community #care #transformation #night #inclusive art #public art

Partners: Südtiroler Künstlerbund

Supporters & Stakeholder:
Lungomare Co-Carts
Dachverband für Natur & Umweltschutz
Officine Vispa

The Idea Machine // Die Ideen Maschine // La Macchina Delle Idee

Chiara Sterzl, Julia Sauter, Eric Whyte

The Idea Machine is an easy-to-use tool to inspire self-organized project development.  It leads through the Visioning, Ideation, and Action of a project’s development. Ultimately, it fosters tailor-made solution finding for the concerns of one’s community while being super fun to use.

#Toolkit #Sustainability #South Tyrol #SDG’s #Transformation #Climate Circles #Library Tour

Network of Sustainability South Tyrol


The online-shop that puts people and planet first

Giorgio Groß

We enable creative minds and sustainable brands to build their business on trust, transparency and authenticity. With Airshop, brands can show their customers what’s behind their products, and how they impact our world.

Airshop empowers #producers to move towards #sustainable, #social and #responsible #modes of production through #awareness-raising visualizations and #narrations using #visual communication, #interaction design, #interface design, #user experience design and #video making drawing on #life cycle assessment, #eco-social economy and #media studies together with #creative people and #sustainable brands.

Daniel Schönbohm
Keramikatelier Sabine
Umbratec Systems GmbH

Supporters & Stakeholder:
Simon Korazija (Nusen Design)
Silvan Glorie
Jürgen Stephan (Deltabag)
Antonia Lorenz (Waya Collective)
Wolfgang Braun (Denkstatt Erzgebirge) | |


Musica del Sottobosco

Eliza Zimmermann, Emilia Bodenmüller, Juliana Lopes Sauaia

Discover an interactive music station co-designed with forest kindergartners for self-expression and sensorial exploration through materials, sounds, and rhythms.

#supersensi #art #music #musicstation #self-expression #sensorialexploration #children #co-design #interaction #forestkindergarten #nature #sound #rhythm #xylophone #shamanicdrum #chimes #nutshakers

Sottobosco (Sofia Set)

Supporters & Stakeholder:
La Fonte (Elisabetta Monti)
La Foresta (Fabio Franz & Bianca Elzenbaumer)
Max Castlunger
Sottobosco families


A booth that redefines contemporary trade-shows

Despoina Tzirou, Gabriela Miteva, Michelangelo Lamonaca

OIO is an exhibition design project developed with FieraMesse BolzanoBozen. The proposal reinterprets tradeshows by providing a modular, adaptable and reusable booth, introducing a circular system in contemporary fairs.

#booth #tradeshow #sustainable #circular #modular #adaptable #wood #exhibitiondesign #FieraMesse #BolzanoBozen #wastereduction

FieraMesse BolzanoBozen → Team: Thomas Mur (Director), Sabine von Pretz (Assistant General Manager & Projects), Christian Micheli (Head of Technical & Event Services), Mattia Vecchioni (Technical & Event Services), Emilia Taraboi (Brand Manager), Anna Baldo (Projects Manager)

Supporters & Stakeholder:
Thomas Moosbrugger (Mechanics of structures – Wood Engineering)
Eva Bauer (Materials workshop)
Curzio Castellan (Photography workshop)
Valentin Riegler (Carpentry workshop)
Markus Fischnaller (Carpentry workshop)
Roland Verber (Digital modelling workshop)
Cristian Micheloni (Lighting support)
Antonio Lamonaca (Lighting support)
Aart van Bezooijen (Life cycle assessment)
Davide Ferrando (Exhibit design)

Beni conviviali

Nicole Faiella, Vivian Rustige

How do you create a convivial festival atmosphere? How do you bring different people together? How do you give participants a voice? Bieni conviviale is about collectively designing elements that bond territories and people throughout the stages of Rural Commons Festival working as an instrument of exchange that collects transvallive impressions, appreciations and imaginaries of all participants. 

#Community #Convivial #Commons #Social Bonding #Festival #Trentino

Rural Commons Festival

Perspectives in Tourism

current movements and sustainable opportunities for obervinschgau 

Lena Daur, Elizabeth Maldari, Ute Peppersack 

This guidebook is an anthology of research, interviews, and strategies for a new, wholistic tourism structure. We developed it with the citizen’s cooperative of Obervinschgau, but believe our transformative and adaptable ideas can be implemented anywhere that people yearn to see a resilient and caring future and that sustainable tourism becomes the norm and not a niche.

“We should not strive for a “back to normal”, but work towards a “better new normal”
Daria Habicher (Resident of Obervinschgau)

Perspectives in Tourism tries to #empower #communities to #move towards #sustainable #participatory #touristeconomies through #adaptive #tools using #eco-social design drawing on #postcolonial and #surplus #scarcity models together with #citizensinitiatives and #cooperatives.

Citizen’s Cooperative of Obervinschgau

Supporter & Stakeholder:
Armin Bernhard

Piazzati a Don Bosco

A collective dialogue to envision Piazza Don Bosco’s future.

Insa Olshausen, Guillermo Mondelli

PIAZZATI is a project designed as a provocative dialogue with the aim of activating the potential of Don Bosco’s community to envision and realize the transformation of Piazza Don Bosco.

#provocation #intervention #dialogue #activation #collective #publicspace #civicengagement #co-design #functions #tags #future #speculative #imagination #projection

Alex Castellano, Centro Civico Don Bosco
Makus Lobis, Kyklos

Supporters & Stakeholder:
Donne Nissa
Don Bosco Social
Club Rodigino
Parrocchia Maria In Der Au
Parrocchia San Giovanni Bosco
Arca della Solidarietà

The idt Toolkit

Making The Interdependence visible by creating tools that help tell the story of those who practice it.

Júlia Farriol & Silvia Cohn

The idt toolkit helps make visible the inter-relational connections of individual and collective livelihoods. Members of The Interdependence work to make explicit those connections through actively practicing community economies.The toolkit helps them analyze their efforts, communicate their initiative, as well as share and compare their practices with other members and beyond.

#Interdependence #Community Economies #Tools #Design Research #Case Studies #Commoning #Commons #Relationships #Members #Visualizations #Livelihoods

The Interdependence
Bianca Elzenbaumer
Kathrin Böhm

Supporters & Stakeholder:
Rural Commons Festival
Community Economies Institute
Community Economies Research Network
An Endless Supply
Kate Rich
Comunità Frizzante
La Foresta
Cube Cola
Feral Trade
Company Drinks
All the current and potential members of The Interdependence


More than a care kit: its for your skin, for your health, for the planet.

Darlene Sullivan, Diana Bogdan

Hempmade is a community driven project and care kit made to promote the benefits of hemp, celebrate the local hemp network, and increase visibility of the supply chain. With HempMade, care for your skin, for your health, for the planet.

#hemp #madeinaltoadige # carekit #LocalProduction, #SupplyChain, #CircularEconomy, #SystemDesign, #FutureViable, #CommunityDrivenDesign


Big thanks to all who contributed to the projects 
partners, workshop technicians, persons in the administration, teachers/researchers, friends, …

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