By Design or by Disaster

Culture jamming, Online hoaxes and Tactical Media lecture

Hesso Plattner, culture jammer, tactical media and hoaxer, will give a lecture on his work and then be available for questions. 

unibz, room C1.05
Friday March 22nd, 15:30

Since 2013, the Berlin based artivist collective Peng!  as focused on culture jamming, online hoaxes and tactical media. Some of their media stunts include an exit organisation for secret service employees, a US-wide recall notice for Heckler & Koch firearms, a campaign to steal in German supermarkets and to donate the saved money to labor unions in the producing countries, and a police tracking map to dodge police brutality.

The mostly legal though controversial  actions of Peng! regularly cause uproars in the German media and are often discussed by German politicians and political actors. Their focus on civil disobedience is specifically intended to strengthen German civil society and amplify marginalised voices.

The collective has won multiple awards and has been featured in museums and theatres all over Europe, as well as in the Berlin Biennial (2016), Manifesta Biennial Palermo (2018) and Athens Biennial (2018).

Hesso Plattner is a founding member of the Peng! collective and was involved in almost all of their actions from 2013-2021. He regularly holds seminars and workshops on subversive activism in art schools in Germany and elsewhere.