New Networks Evolving
“Reality is a piece of art” (Jurgen Bey)  and art is becoming reality…

DSC04592 - Versione 2

Last 16th November the whole team of the workshop Cecilia Palmer & l’Orto Semi-rurali was hosted by AKRAT to complete the beautiful “tendone”.

The process of a jointly produced awning for the Orto Semirurali in Bolzano started in the late summer as a “hands-on project” of the By DoD conference. As the project could not be completed by then, some activists met again to complete this shelter made by things that we find in daily life – recycled clothes.


Design for change
Since that weekend nothing is like before… By knitting together life stories of humans and clothes, the tendone becomes more and more a social piece carrying stories, social  connections and ideals.

The team is growing bigger; involving people from different backgrounds, ages and nationalities that share a common interest in participating for a transformation towards sustainability. People from Donne Nissa, RiCreazioni, Faculty of Design and Art, Orto Semirurali, Mercato dei talenti and.. friends; everybody joined for a dinner insieme !


Space into place
AKRAT offers the ideal space for any kind of ideas or innovations and a place for social encounter. That afternoon, the smell of local and intercultural food combined to the sound of sewing machines and entertaining discussions brought us to new ideas and projects that will hopefully appear soon !


Thank you all :)

anja & elettra