By Design or by Disaster

Transformative Design / Design Transformations

Design has an impact on the way we consume and produce, we work and live, how we collaborate and how we make decisions, … we want to use design for transformations towards sustainability. This involves ecological, social and economic aspects. Designers have to consider all those dimensions and collaborate with experts of different backgrounds. While non-designers should know about the potential and the “logic” of design.

In our conference and workshops we – Alvise Mattozzi and me – bring together various competences in order to learn from each other and to experiment practices of transformative design.

On this blog we will collect related material. We are happy about comments, proposals and critic. The rest of this web site is under development. More information on the program will be added continuously. Get the newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Registration for the conference day and for the 2-day workshops starts on july 22nd.

We thank Amin Al Hazwani and Philip Santa for the excellent design and the development of this web site.