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With the organization of the By Design and by Disaster Conference in full swing, we’re excited to announce more time, more space and more movement: To give more time to conferencing, we will start half a day earlier than previously announced: we now begin on Wednesday 10 July in the afternoon. We will enjoy meeting in more space at the former military barracks in rural BASIS Vinschgau-Venosta [1], Schlanders–Silandro. Saturday and Sunday we will join the climate justice movement at Klima Camp South Tyrol [2]. Growth can be good.

We will take off and stay grounded with about 30 papers and visual essays in our academic track, approximately 12-18 hands-on workshops, 7×7 talks, collective tinkering, debates, dancing, the joy of good food, drinks … and keynotes by Habibi.Works, Rosalyn D’Mello, Bianca Elzenbaumer (Brave New Alps), Gemma Copeland (Common Knowledge), Indigo and the Citizen Cooperative Obervinschgau–Alta Val Venosta (instead of futuress, who cannot come, contrary to the announcement in our newsletter) – all clustered in 5 areas:

The website with full program and registration coming soon. To stay up-to-date, you can join the By Design and by Disaster newsletter, our blog and social media channels (FB, IG). Here you find a review of last year’s conference and the proceedings of the academic track 2023.

[1] More Space → We are excited that our conference will again be situated at BASIS vinschgau-venosta. BASIS is an excellent collaborating partner; it describes itself as re-use project and social activation hub. For the social development in the areas of economy, culture, education and social affairs, it activates and re-uses the former military base that is its home.

 [2] More movement → Klima Camp South Tyrol in  in Vöran–Verano: This year, for the first time, we are collaborating with the Climate Camp, which is generously hosting us on Saturday and Sunday and will merge their program with ours, including a keynote by climate activist Indigo [3] and three workshops. If you want to join us through the move to Klima Camp, please register on for those days (in addition to the By Design and by Disaster registration). The Camp is supported by Climate Action South Tyrol, an alliance of activists and more than 70 groups, organisations, and associations that will take action for climate protection, climate resilience and a just society.

[3] Indigo is part of the climate justice movement’s radical left. Together with Jonna Klick she wrote the book “Alles für alle. Revolution als Commonisierung” (”Everything for Everyone. Revolution as Communizing”). Indigo was active in the squatting of Hambacher Forst, the occupation of Lützerath, and several other interventions, all which are resisting the mix of big corporate/capital and state power while building real utopias within resistance movements. You can listen to Indigo in the podcast episode “Was tun?: Wie wirkt ziviler Ungehorsam?” (”What to do: how does civil disobedience work?”) and also in the wonderful podcast she is doing together with Sina: “Geschichte der kommenden Welten” (”History of the worlds to come”). See her in the (not so) funny video: UNBOXING CAPITALISM – Wie wir unter 1,5 Grad bleiben (“… – How we stay below 1.5”).

This leads us to the dark reality we have to face: this disaster is ongoing. We still should try to overcome its causes, but we also have to find out how to cope with its ravages in solidary ways. In recognition that we are locked into disaster, after more than 10 years of running “By Design or By Disaster”, we have renamed the conference series and this blog to By Design and by Disastermore about is here