Teaching Position: Information Designer & Visual Story Telling

For the MA Eco-Social Design we are looking for an experienced design practitioner with a focus on ‘Information Designer & Visual Story Telling’.

Here is the call. Application deadline: 11.08.2023, 12:00 a.m. (CET). If you have questions about the application procedure, please email Recruitment Design. For questions concerning the MA Eco-Social Design and the teaching practice please contact me via email. My apologies for the bureaucratese form of the call. It is out of my hands to make this different :( But the work itself and the atmosphere in our study course and research projects are sunny and truly collaborative :)

The practice-based and transdisciplinary Master in Eco-Social Design is an educational framework for designers who aim to contribute to more sustainable, resilient and solidary futures. It supports students in developing their reflective practice by introducing students to challenges, partners, knowledges, instruments and strategies from diverse fields, which they draw together in their autonomous projects.

Based on their interests and focus, students select courses in areas Observe, Analyse & Apply (Social Sciences & Economics) and of Make & Intervene (Design Disciplines), to which the course in Information Design & Visual Storytelling belongs.

The course teaches methods and techniques of Information Design & Visual storytelling with particular attention to the social, political and/or environmental topics. It tackles creative ways of how to use information design and storytelling to foster positive eco-social change. Students are supported in the practical development of their projects and their practices in eco-social design.