Is this conference for me?

Are you a… design student / practitioner / researcher, transformation practitioner / researcher / advocate / activist / entrepreneur, utopist & realist, academic with a focus on social-ecological transformation, and/or human being with an interest in a good life for all?

COVID Regulations

Access to the conference is made possible with a 2G Covid-19 GreenPass (vaccinated or recovered). While on location, those at the conference must abide by all regulations in place at BASIS.

Registration now closed

Free for students and those unable to pay


50€ for unibz teachers and researchers Please open a PIS-procedure & inform university administration by sending an email


90€ for all others Payment possible only via credit card

Food Information

Wed 6th

Dinner not provided
*locations for food purchase in Schlanders/Silandro

Thurs 7th


Breakfast free with registration

Lunch free with registration 

Dinner community pizza night 8€


Fri 8th


Breakfast free with registration

Lunch provided for 15€


Onsite catered meals selected at time of online registration must be paid in cash only. Vegetarian & Vegan options available. 500mL water is provided to each participant with purchase of lunch at BASIS.


Organising Team

Paulina Eberhardt, Arthur Holt, Michelangelo Lamonaca, Anna Schuierer, Sofia Scroppo, Chiara Sterzl, Eric Whyte & professor Kris >< Krois with the support of other students of the Master in Eco-Social Design and Massimo Eccli