TACTO is a LARP (Live Art Role Play), performative installation and research on intimate care practices, within the imaginaries and experiences from medical care practices and the set of mind of cosplay culture. This project aims to bring immersion of the individual in the practices of hospitality, as well as the politics of care and touch, form the basis of a role-playing strategy, working as a normalizer and pushing back the individual in a sudden reminder of self-care.

This project engages in future ways to imagine the technology of care, also leads to questions of human relations within other entities as humanoids, how it shapes the way we perceive ourselves and how this perception frames the way we approach practices of care. This is highly important given the socio-political conditions of the present world, it is about the connection we make with other humans and our surrounding from the fundamental inquiry of care, it is being prepared for the contingency and the challenges that future times will bring.

In addition, art practices and spaces bring universal forms to engage and communicate from local places, including the body, the present and the communitarian spaces as local places. It confronts and brings this understanding of care in the fast speed, blurred selves and the daily basis practices of inhabitants of our current societies.