In a society that primarily strives for performance and productivity and where the pressure in both work and private life is continuously increasing, the longing for change is simultaneously growing. The need to develop alternatives is expressed in many of the current crises, like the climate crisis, political crises, financial and labor market crises and also the corona crisis. The established system seems to be reaching its limits here, which is why we are convinced that a sustainable society needs new forms of cooperation.

This is where we want to intervene with our workshop:

As designers, we have the freedom and at the same time the responsibility to shape and change our environment. Through our actions, we can create frameworks that cultivate new forms of togetherness. Especially in the field of education, we do see great potential, as it forms the basis for whether and how people encounter today‘s problems, challenges and needs and develop solutions for the future – We care for education and would like to invite you to our workshop and jointly develop a vision for a desirable future of a sustainable educational system.

What makes education sustainable?

Collaboration is something you can learn and teach

education needs a mindset of care

The whole institution is responsible for good education

Project Bio

The perMA project is a brainchild of the five integrated Designers Celeste Meisel, Hannes Wilke, Melanie Scheer, Mathilde Scholz and Stella Kornfeld.

It was born in February 2019 and made its first steps already in April as an open initiative at the Dessau Department of Design.

It developed iteratively over the course of 6 months and gave the Stakeholders guidance on solving local problems through design.

In 2020 it left Dessau into the whole (germanspeaking) world as a detailed 288 pages strong book, documenting the backgrounds, process, results, and enlightening moments of the authors.

Get your digital copy here:

Readings & Media

Project perMA

Scheer, A., Noweski, C., & Meinel, C. (2012). Transforming constructivist learning into action: Design thinking in education. Design and Technology Education: An International Journal, 17(3). [PDF]

Movie: Augenhoehe (german + english sub)