[cancelled] Forno Vagabondo’ – a mobile, social oven as a vehicle for cultivating caring ecological-economic relationships in the Vallagarina valley (TN).

In this interactive workshop, we will explore more-than-human care with all senses through the sourdough preparation process.

The workshop will begin with a brief introduction to the community project Forno Vagabondo – a mobile, social oven that serves as a vehicle to create spaces of (more-than-human) relationships weaving.

Then we will explore together principles of care and mutual nourishment through the preparation of a sourdough mother. We will reflect the care process in a collective, continuously growing Care-Diary, which will also help us to support each other during the first weeks of practicing more-than-human care.

Anyone can participate in the workshop without prior fermentation experience or knowledge.

For the workshop it will only be necessary to have the following things ready:
  • 1 jam jar or preserving jar, possibly narrow and tall with a straight body (about 500ml or smaller)
  • 1 kitchen scale
  • 100g flour (preferably whole wheat, rye or spelt flour -> it’s best to  choose a type of grain that you can easily get in the future and was not treated with pesticides e.g. organic)
  • 100g cold water (without chlorine)
  • 1 knife or spoon

How can we know what care-needs other living beings and things have?

The public space plays an essential role in the cultivation of caring relationships and communities. We must reclaim it!

Wild fermentation challenges human-centeredness and directs our attention to multi-species care.


Flora Mammana

is a passionate sourdough home baker. She is studying Transformation Design at the University of Arts in Brunswick and since a few years she has been living in the northern Alps in Italy. She works together with the politically and socially engaged Design Collective Brave New Alps and is part of the Community Academy La Foresta in Rovereto. She initiated and facilitated a community project called Forno Vagabondo, a social oven on wheels that travels through Vallagarina to cultivate caring economic-ecological sensitivities and spaces of encounter for humans, microbes, and other animate or inanimate beings. Flora uses the metaphor and practice of fermentation as an inspiration to reflect Transformation, Feminism and Care.

3 recommended readings or other media :
  •   Parker, Barara/Brady, Jennifer (Hg.) (2019). Feminist Food Studies. 
  •      Canadian Scholars Press.