Holistic design starts from ethics

We realize today that we cannot be healthy if our planet is not healthy. Deforestation, use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides together with insane urban planning and capitalistic approach towards Man’s stewardship of Nature, have managed to bring our planet to a turning point from which it’ll be difficult to recover.

Permaculture as an innovative design method, born within agronomy but then extended to many other fields of human life due to its holistic vision, can offer us some ways to reduce our impact with a regenerative approach. 

During our workshop, we will focus on the Dirt-Soil-Earth ecosystem from an ethical point of view considering how we could sustain our future while sustaining the natural fertility of our ecosystems.

Do you believe in what you cannot see?

Have you ever considered life and death as cycles of a perennial being?

Do you know where food comes from?


Salvatore Giaccone

Multilingual cultural mediator, farmer, and co-founder of the permaculture farm Saja Project.

Managing many orchards and Food Forests around Sicily with a specific focus on pioneer plants, exotic polycultures, sustainable poultry management, aquatic biomes, and forestry soil regeneration. Permaculture teacher, designer, and active member of the Italian and Sicilian Permaculture networks. Working with other organic producers and GAS, families, and retailers to promote a short-chain model of high nutrients food production and delivery.

Recommended book & media: 
  • DIRT the movie, documentary by Gene Rosow and Bill Benenson
  • Introduction to Permaculture, Bill Mollison
  • Teaming with Microbes, Lowenfels and Lewis