Projects, papers, provocations, products, purgatories, paradises, promises, plans, phantasies, policies, poetries … wanted, related to the topic of our annual conference BY DESIGN OR BY DISASTER:

Make Transformation Tangible!

With the organization of our conference BY DESIGN OR BY DISASTER 2019 in full swing, we are excited to announce the MemActs*.

In this session, you can present whatever you think matters when Making Transformation Tangible! Present in whichever way you want, but no longer than 7 minutes. Show slides, do pantomime, draw live, build a rapid prototype, sing, jump on the table and recite a poem…

* We called it “Pecha Kucha” before, but we decided to extend the format.


MemActs Schedule

Thursday 11 April

14:30 – 15:30  (7 Min Talk, 3 Min setup)


 14.30 – 14.37

Ian Gillis – Sustenance City:

A method for altering perspectives on the value of place through the activation of food spaces

14.40 – 14.47

Merle Ibach – More than human centered design

14.50 – 14.57

Franziska Wirtensohn und Michael Armin Wittmann – HABIBI DOME:

A collaborative initiative in thecontext of art and society

15.00 – 15.07

Jennifer Schubert – Materializing Transformation

15.10 – 15.17

Svenja Prigge – Posterwomen:

A platform for women* poster designers

15.20 – 15.27

Maria Pasqualiniv


Friday 12 April

13:45 – 14:15 (7 Min Talk, 3 Min setup)


 13.45 – 13.52

Laura Heym – How I set out to transform the countryside!

13.55 – 14.02

Andreas Unteidig – (Make) Transformation Design (Tangible)

14.05 – 14.12

Ivan Champarro – Participatory Design, Art and Music with Vulnerable Communities