Sustainability is unavoidable. It will happen anyway by the interplay of ecological, social and economic disasters.

But we could take initiatives: we can design and develop this transition in a process of collective decisions and actions.




This series of conferences co-develops with the Master in Eco-Social Design at the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. The 2019 edition will take place 11-14 April, in Bozen-Bolzano and in Obervinschgau, a beautiful upper valley and a hotspot of eco-social innovation. This year’s focus is:


Make Transformation Tangible


With Amy Franceschini & Lode Vranken/ Future Farmers (cancelled for family reasons), Van Bo Le-Mentzel (DE), Matteo Morretti (IT), Anja Adler & Dominik Wind/ Open State (DE), Brave New Alps (IT/UK) and many more …
Visual Recording by Katrina Günther.

This series of conferences is an occasion for a lively exchange on creative practices triggering eco-social transformations. Both guest speakers and audiences come from diverse backgrounds and locations, ranging from innovative local agricultural entrepreneurs to internationally known designers and researchers. The conference offers a mix of frontal talks, dialogical formats, hands-on workshops and excursions in a convivial atmosphere.

In 2019 the conference will be again connected to the festival “hier und da – gut leben im ländlichen Raum / il buon vivere nelle zone periferiche” in Obervinschgau / Alta Val Venosta.



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